Retirement Privileges Afforded to Faculty Retirees by UBC and/or the UBC Emeritus College

UBC Parking

Available to:
-UBC Senate-designated Emeriti
-Full-time faculty with 25 years of service who are retired & no longer on the UBC payroll. Visit the website of the UBC Quarter Century Club

UBC Emeriti are eligible for a complimentary parking permit that provides the same parking privileges as regular faculty and staff. To obtain your parking permit, apply in person at the Parking Office. When you apply, you must bring your letter from Faculty Relations confirming your emeritus status. Questions regarding retiree permits may be directed to the Parking Office at 604.822.6786.

UBC Card

Available to:
-UBC Senate-designated Emeriti and retired faculty.

UBC Emeriti are eligible to receive a new UBC Card as an emerita/emeritus. Retired faculty who do not qualify for emeritus status may apply for a UBC card for retired staff. Your multipurpose UBC Card serves as your official University identification. It also grants you access to:
-UBC Library services (book loans, study room bookings)
-UBC Bookstore e-Money purchases
-Food Services’ dining convenience and discounts

For more information on how to obtain a UBC Card, please click on the link.

UBC Library

Available to:
-UBC Senate-designated Emeriti, retired faculty and other emeriti

A valid UBC card is required for library privileges and to access library e-Resources. Please see the information above about the UBC card. If you have a UBC card you do not need to obatain an library card separately. However, if you wish or need to apply for a separate library card, you can do so online

UBC Email and IT Support

Available to:
-UBC Senate-designated Emeriti and retired faculty.

Upon retirement, UBC emeriti are entitled to retain internet and email access, including access to their UBC email account, and related reasonable IT support. Some departments continue to provide IT support and email access for their emeriti. IF departmental IT support and/or email is not available, emeriti can contact the UBC IT Help Desk. Please let the Emeritus College office know if you are unable to get a UBC email account or IT support for issues related to your emeritus activities by contacting them by phone or email.

UBC Tuition Waivers

Available to:
-UBC Senate-designated Emeriti, retired faculty and all BC residents who meet the requirements listed below

1. Dependent children of UBC Senate-designated emeriti continue to be eligible for tuition waivers for credit courses subject to the Tuition Waivers for Dependent Children guidelines.

2. All BC residents who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents age 65 years or over are eligible to audit UBC courses and are not assessed application, tuition or some student fees when they do so. (Some Distance Education and Technology and special fees may be assessed). If you are age 65 years or over, apply directly to UBC Enrolment Services or call an Enrolment Services Advisor at 604-822-9836. If you require help with registration, please contact the UBC Emeritus College office. 

3. Retired faculty with emeritus status under age 65 years are eligible for 12 credits per year of free tuition at UBC. Please note that certain student fees will still need to be paid for to take UBC courses.

UBC Aquatic Centre

Available to:
-UBC Senate-designated Emeriti and retired faculty 
-Full-time faculty with 25 years of service who are retired & no longer on the UBC payroll.

UBC Emeriti are eligible to pay senior rates and those with 25 years of full-time service qualify for a further reduced rate. Please contact the Aquatic Centre on their website or directly at 604-822-4522.

Synopsis of Benefits and Privileges for Faculty Retirees

Overview UBC Privileges - Link to internal link to PDF-document

Working at UBC past Age 65 - Cessation of certain and health and life insurance benefits

Under certain conditions, your health and other insurance benefits terminate when you continue to work at UBC past age 65. More details can be found in the following three resources:

Employment past 65 at UBC - Link to internal link to PDF-document

UBC Human Resources: Coverage Start and End Dates - Link to UBC HR website

Keeping connected to your Department and UBC after retirement

There are many benefits to maintaining your connections to UBC after your retirement. Please click on link to internal link to PDF-document.

Health and Travel Insurance Options

Please click here and it will take you to our webpage on health and travel insurance.

Resources for faculty approaching retirement

The UBC Emeritus College recognizes that retirement is a major transition in a faculty member's (and family's) life and involves a variety of changes. Retirement presents a wealth of possibilities for continuing to lead a life of meaningful purpose, usefulness and satisfaction. We encourage you to visit our webpage to gain access to a number of resources and benefits that you will find useful in your retirement planning.

Resources for Life in Retirement

One of the goals of the UBC Emeritus College is to promote the general well-being of UBC faculty retirees. We encourage you to click on the link and discover resources, benefits, events and other information of value that will enrich your life as a retired faculty member.