How to Zoom in

How to zoom in

Please find instructions below on how to join a Zoom-meeting or Zoom-webinar on your computer, iPad or smartphone.
Please do contact the office if you would like to do a practice session at

Getting started

To participate, you will need to have Zoom installed on your computer, iPad or smartphone. If you have Zoom on your computer (or iPad) jump to meeting details (item 5).


If you do NOT have Zoom on your computer, you must do the following: 
1. Use your Internet Browser to navigate to the following URL: [ | ] 

2. Under "Zoom Client for Meetings", click Download. The file zoominstaller.exe (if you are using a PC) or zoom.pkg (for Mac users) will be downloaded to your downloads folder. 

3. Find the downloaded file and double click it to start the installation. 

[ If this is a first for you, then you need to find your Downloads folder.

-If you have a PC, open the File Explorer and search down the left column for Downloads. Click Downloads and the right window will list all the files you have downloaded from the Internet. In there you will find the file zoominstaller.exe . Double click that file to start the installation. 
-If you are using a Mac, click on any spot on the screen outside any open window so that Finder appears in the top left corner of your screen. Click on Go and a drop down menu will list several options including the Downloads folder. [OR,  Click on the Finder icon (intersecting blue and white smiling faces at left on the  bottom of your screen, which will bring you to the same list of options). Click on Downloads and the window will open which will list the zoom.pkg file. Double click that file to start the installation. ] 

4. After Zoom installs itself you will see a window that says Zoom/Join Meeting/Sign In. Unless you wish to host a meeting yourself some time in the future, just close that window.

5. Now you are ready to join any meeting by clicking in the link you receive by email. 

6. When you join you will be asked to turn on the computer video and the computer audio. Say yes to both questions. 
If you join a webinar, you will not get the options to turn on your video and/or audio and you will be able to see the speakers, but not the other members.

7. Zoom-meeting: You will then see a window with all the members who have joined the meeting. You will be able to talk to everyone and hear what they have to say. 
At the top of your screen, you will either see "Gallery View" or "Speaker View". 
In Speaker View, you will only see the person who speaks.
In Gallery View, you will be able to see all participants.

8. FYI Some Zoom meetings set up with a waiting room. You will need to wait for the host to admit you.
For a webinar, you will need to wait for the organizer to start the webinar.

iPad or smartphone users:

Go to the App store and search for zoom. Download the App and you will be ready to rock and roll. Much easier than on a computer!