Photo Group


A special interest group for College members and their partners who are interested in photography. The group meets regularly to share their photos, comment and offer suggestions and advice in a friendly, non-competitive environment.


Our members have a range of photography skill levels, from a professional photographer who sells photos to commercial clients, through expert photographers, some of whom have also sold some of their photos, to amateur photographers, including beginners.  Members use all types of camera, from smart phones to expensive DSLRs,  We are all willing to share our photos, comment (constructively!) and learn from each other.

New members are welcome, and should contact Richard Spencer ( to be added to the mailing list.

Jericho Park. Photo by Helen Spencer


The group currently meets about once every six weeks. The usual meeting format is for members to submit several photos, which can be either new photos, or photos from their catalog. A theme is chosen at the previous meeting, but photos on other theme are welcome. Photos are viewed and discussed during the meeting.

Some meetings may be devoted to a specific topic, such as macro photography, or how to use tools in photo processing software. We also have occasional talks by expert photographers to help us improve our photography skills.

The group also meets from time to time to take photos, usually outdoor, in parks or other areas that offer interesting and/or challenging opportunities for photography.


You can find the upcoming meeting by clicking on the link and search for the category "photo group".