President's Award for Distinguished Service by UBC Emeriti

The UBC Emeritus College presents one or more President's Award for Distinguished Service annually to UBC Emeriti who have, since attaining UBC Emeritus status, displayed exceptional leadership in volunteer community services. 

These services may benefit others in Canada or abroad. In addition to the recognition of the Award, recipients will receive $1,000. It is anticipated that the recipient(s) will direct the fund to an organization, charity, or fund of their choosing. Any person may nominate candidates for the Award to the Emeritus College through an online nominations form.

The deadline to nominate was: Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

Purpose of the Award

The purpose of the Award is to:

  • recognize the important voluntary and community contributions by UBC Emeriti make to broader communities
  • celebrate and honour Emeriti who have demonstrated outstanding achievements beyond their academic work
  • highlight UBC and the accomplishments of its Emeriti
  • connect the Emeriti community, to the University community and the wider communities

Eligibility, Criteria and Process

  • Candidates must be persons listed under "Emeritus Staff" in the UBC Vancouver Academic Calendar.
  • UBC Okanagan Emeriti are not eligible. 
  • The two letters of support can be submitted by anyone with knowledge of the candidate's activitties and achievements.
  • Any person may nominate candidates.
  • Candidates are only eligible for one President's Award for Distinguished Service by UBC Emeriti in a lifetime.
  • Posthumous nominations will not be considered.
  • Awards need not be given every year.


  • shall include all requirements as stated and no more: any additional information will be discounted as per the pre-determined cut-off;
  • may be submitted by a nominator for more than one candidate in a particular year;
  • will stand for consideration in the year in which they are submitted. Unsuccessful nominations will automatically be considered in the following two years;
  • may not be made for oneself, or for a relative or family member, but candidates are encouraged to seek potential nominators.

Previous Award Recipients