"Retirement may be an ending, a closing, but it is also a new beginning."

Quote by Catherine Pulsifer.

A major goal of the UBC Emeritus College is to enhance the general well-being of faculty approaching retirement as well as faculty, including their spouses/partners, who are now retired.

To achieve this goal, the College Council and various College Committees will be reaching out to and collaborating with units within the University (e.g., Human Resources, Faculties and Departments), as well as with national and international organizations focused on retirement and the later stages of life. A new model of pre-retirement is emerging: one that is flexible, offers diverse options and maximizes life satisfaction. 

“Retirement itself constitutes an unfolding process rather than a single event.”
Quote from Savishinsky, Joel (2000).  Breaking the Watch: The Meanings of Retirement in America. New York: Cornell University Press. p. 237.

It is our hope that we can make a positive contribution to the evolution and improvement of the retirement process at the University of British Columbia —both before retirement and during the retirement years.  

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