Organizational Structure

Committees are integral to the many-faceted activities of the College. Grouped into three distinct clusters they cooperate to organize lectures and other programs, oversee the financial affairs of the college, facilitate individual transitions to retirement, and attend to the continuing well-being of emeriti in various ways.

administrative Committees
Communications Group

The scope of its work involves all aspects of how our organization communicates with its members, our departmental reps, UBC administrators and beyond through its newsletters, web pages, office staff, survey questionnaires, brochures, E mail announcements, Memorandums of Understanding, and Special Reports.

Chair: Vacant

Margery Fee (newsletter editor)
Carolyn Gilbert (Editorial Board)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors the finances of the UBC Emeritus College.

Chair: Alan Mackworth (2022-)
Vice Chair: Richard Spencer

Michael MacEntee (Past Chair 2019-2020)
Gail Bellward
Lynn Smith (Chair Fundraising and Development Liaison Committee)
Anne Junker (Vice-Principal)
Richard Unger (Past Chair 2021)
Sandra van Ark (Administrator)

Fundraising and Development Liaison Committee

Chair: Lynn Smith

Izak Benbasat
Naimh Kelly

Nomination Committee

The Nominating Committee consists of the immediate Past Principal (Chair) and at least two other members approved by the Council who propose a slate of Officers and Members-at-Large to be voted on at the Annual General Meeting.

Chair 2021: Graeme Wynn

Linda Leonard
Bill McCutcheon

Programs cluster

Cluster Coordinator: Vacant


Convenor: Douw Steyn

General Meeting

Convenor: Sandra Bressler

Bill McCutcheon

Philosophers' Café

Convenor: Nichola Hall

Research Seminar

Convenor: Richard Johnston

Senior Scholars' Series

Convenor: Graeme Wynn

Special and Ad hoc Lectures

Convenor: Carolyn Gilbert

Thematic Lectures Emeritus College - Green College

Convenor: Graeme Wynn

Retirement Matters Cluster

Cluster Coordinator: Paul Marantz

Awards Committee

Chair:  Mark Thompson

Members:  Lynn Smith and Jim Zidek

Benefits Committee

The Committee monitors the benefits that retired faculty receive from the University. It draws upon the concerns and priorities of our members to identify possible improvements to benefit programs and makes recommendations for the college to pursue.

Co-chairs: Paul Marantz and Joost Blom

Continuing Scholarly Activity and Engagement Committee

The committee is exploring how to make the continuing scholarship of retired faculty more visible in the university community, and sources of funding to optimize our continuing scholarly endeavors.

Chair: Gail Bellward

Francis Andrew
Jo-ann Archibald
Shauna Butterwick
John Gilbert
Priscilla Greenwood
Judy Hall

Anne Junker
David Ley
Dianne Newell
William Rowe
Charlotte Townsend-Gault
Vijay Verma

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee identifies concerns, coordinates activities, and maintains liaisons between the UBC Emeritus College and new and continuing members. In addition, the Committee investigates methods to improve relations between the College and the wider UBC community.

Chair: David Hill

Paul Harrison
Linda Leonard
Olav Slaymaker

Scholarly Expenses Subsidies Committee

Chair: Murray Isman


Transition to Retirement Committee

The Transitions to Retirement Committee focuses on activities over the entire retirement spectrum including pre-retirement seminars, informal discussion groups, collation of information resources and activities directed at the early, mid and late stages of retirement. There would also be an opportunity for research projects focused on the retirement process itself.

Chair: Linda Leonard

Sandra Bressler
​Paul Marantz
Louise Nasmith
Paul Steinbok

activities cluster

Cluster Coordinator: Richard Spencer

Special Interest Groups

  • Cycling - convenor: Graeme Wynn
  • Film - convenor: John LeBlanc
  • Photo - convenor: Richard Spencer
  • Poetry - convenor: Philip Resnick and George McWhirter
  • Travel - convenor: Paul Steinbok
  • Volunteering - convenor: Nancy Gallini

Last Update: March 31, 2022