Wine Appreciation Group


A special interest group for members and their partners/guests who are interested in learning about all things “wine,” sharing information and experiences in the world of “wine” and of course… tasting wine. Additional fees are for ISO glasses, sensory supplies and wines that are tasted.  The group will meet every 3-4 weeks for a presentation on various classic wine regions and to participate in associated tasting of wines from such regions.  Wine and food pairing is a sub-theme that is woven into the discussion and tastings. David McArthur is the convenor for this SIG and he has extensive experience/training in viticulture, enology and wine & wine+food review and has presented seminars to professional groups on and off campus, and has taught courses and programs in “Understanding Wine” and “Wine Science” at UBC.


Typically, our members/participants may be beginners or already possess some knowledge and have some experience in wine-tasting. Some/many have traveled to various countries and have explored some of the wine heritage/history there.

New members are welcome, and should email to be added to the mailing list. To date, meetings are on UBC campus; however, where feasible and timely - in the future meetings may be held at a local/interior winery able to host us (TBD).  Also, guest speakers with appropriate expertise in wine may be invited in for a presentation.

Wine glass


The group currently meets every 3-4  weeks. 

Some meetings may be devoted to a specific topic with special guests.


New members are welcome, and should email to be added to the mailing list.