Aims of the establishment of an Emeritus College at UBC

The UBC Emeritus College has a number of overlapping aims.

First: the College creates a community of scholarship and camaraderie for retired UBC Faculty, Librarians, and Administrators while also providing support for their continued intellectual growth, scholarly output, and involvement in both university-based and community-support activity.

Second: the College creates a welcoming social and intellectual environment for potential retirees, newly-retired colleagues and established members. The College will assist with successful transitions into retirement as well as advocate for benefits and programs that will promote the well-being of all.

Third: the College promotes social and intellectual interaction and collaboration among retired colleagues from a variety of disciplines by providing programming and opportunities for the exchange of ideas and to foster and promote an environment that supports interdisciplinary inquiry.

Fourth: the College encourages social and civic engagement by members of the College with the UBC community, members of Indigenous communities and the external community at large. The College will further expand this vision of contribution to community to include national and international projects.

Fifth: the College recognizes the contributions of emeriti to UBC, their disciplines, and the local and global community during and following their formal careers. The College will further develop a presence and an outreach into academic retirement organizations provincially, nationally and internationally. 

Excerpt from Donald Fisher (Vice-Principal), “Establishment of the UBC Emeritus College,”  UBC Emeritus College Newsletter, 1/2 November 2018.