Queenie Law, Administrative Assistant
In the office: Tuesday to Friday

Queenie is the administrative assistant of the UBC Emeritus College. She joined the Emeritus College in December 2022. Prior to joining the UBC she worked as a project assistant in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In her free time, Queenie enjoys drawing, reading, and volunteering with children.

photo of Sarah Close Humayun

Sarah Close Humayun, Events and Engagement Coordinator

Sarah is the event and communications coordinator of the UBC Emeritus College. Prior to joining UBC coordinated engagement activities at both Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria. In addition to experience within academia, Sarah has experience coordinating large scale consumer events and festivals in the private and cultural sector.

In her free time, Sarah loves yoga, tackling DIY household projects or simply curling up in the sun with a good book.

Saundra van Ark, Administrative Manager

Saundra is the office administrator of the UBC Emeritus College. She started at the UBC Association of Professors Emeriti in 2012 and joined the UBC Emeritus College in November 2018. Prior to joining UBC, she worked as an office manager at the International School of Humanities and Social Studies at the University of Amsterdam and as a Public Information Officer at the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Hague.

In her free time, Saundra enjoys cycling, X-country skiing, and tries to grow her own vegetables.

Photo credit: Paul Joseph