Guidelines and Procedures

The following individuals are eligible to be members of the College:
(the exact wording is available in the Terms of Reference)

  1. Individuals, including UBC faculty members, clinical faculty members, librarians and program directors, who have been granted emeritus status by the Vancouver Senate or the Okanagan Senate, who continue to hold such status, and who meet any other criteria as set by the College Council from time to time; and
  2. Other individuals whose membership, in the opinion of the College Council, would further the aims and mandate of the College, and may include, without limitation, retired sessional lecturers with long standing service and tenure to UBC equivalent to those for which emeritus status is granted at UBC and retired faculty members and librarians from other recognized universities and colleges with long service to their past institution equivalent to those for which emeritus status is granted at UBC.
  3. Automatic College Members. Each member of the UBC Association of Professors Emeriti as of June 15, 2018 is automatically admitted as a College Member unless a member informs the Principal in writing that such member does not wish to be a College Member.
  4. Member Guests. Spouses, partners or guests of College Members who are not themselves College Members may attend College events that are open to the public and the Principal may invite these individuals to other College activities.  
  5. Revocation of College Membership.
    In extraordinary circumstances, the College Council may revoke the membership of a College Member if at least two-thirds of the Voting Council Members approve a motion to revoke the membership