Retirement Committees

Retirement Matters Cluster

Cluster Coordinator: Paul Marantz

Awards Committee

Chair: Lynn Smith

Diana Lary
Jim Zidek

Benefits Committee

The Committee monitors the benefits that retired faculty receive from the University. It draws upon the concerns and priorities of our members to identify possible improvements to benefit programs and makes recommendations for the college to pursue.

Co-chairs: Paul Marantz and Joost Blom

Continuing Scholarly Activity and Engagement Committee

The Continuing Scholarly Activity and Engagement Committee supports scholarly interests of the members, and looks for ways to engage them within the College. The committee has a "think tank" format whereby we develop new proposals to present to the College. At present, the committee is initiating actions within the College in support of our Indigenous Strategic Plan.

Chair: Gail Bellward

Francis Andrew
Jo-ann Archibald
Daniel Goldowitz
Judith Hall
Lorraine Weir

Ken Craig
John Gilbert
Vijay Verma

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee identifies concerns, coordinates activities, and maintains liaisons between the UBC Emeritus College and new and continuing members. In addition, the Committee investigates methods to improve relations between the College and the wider UBC community.

Chair: David Hill

Paul Harrison
Linda Leonard
Olav Slaymaker

Scholarly Expenses Subsidies Committee

Chair: Murray Isman

David Edgington
Jo-Anne Naslund
Patricia Shaw

Transitions to Retirement Committee

The Transitions to Retirement Committee focuses on activities over the entire retirement spectrum including pre-retirement seminars, informal discussion groups, collation of information resources and activities directed at the early, mid and late stages of retirement. There would also be an opportunity for research projects focused on the retirement process itself.

Chair: Linda Leonard

Sandra Bressler
​Paul Marantz
Louise Nasmith
Paul Steinbok

Updated: November 28, 2023