Admin Committees

administrative Committees
Communications Group

The scope of its work involves all aspects of how our organization communicates with its members, our departmental reps, UBC administrators and beyond through its newsletters, web pages, office staff, survey questionnaires, brochures, E mail announcements, Memorandums of Understanding, and Special Reports.

Chair: Vacant

Carolyn Gilbert (newsletter pro-tem)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors the finances of the UBC Emeritus College.

Chair: Paul Rogers

Gail Bellward 
Anthony Boardman (Vice Chair)
Richard Unger (Member and Past Chair 2021)
Alan Mackworth (Member and Past Chair 2022)
Bill McCutcheon (Vice Principal 2023-24)
Sandra van Ark (Administrative Manager) - non-voting
Richard Spencer (Past Chair 2022-23) - non-voting

Fundraising and Development Liaison Committee


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee consists of the immediate Past Principal (Chair) and at least two other members approved by the Council who propose a slate of Officers and Members-at-Large to be voted on at the Annual General Meeting.

Chair 2023-24: Anne Junker

Linda Leonard
Sandra Wilkins
Graeme Wynn

Updated: December 5, 2023