Executive 2022-2023

Anne Junker

Anne Junker, Principal (2022-2023) and Vice-Principal (2021-2022)

Anne Junker is an Associate Professor Emeritus in Pediatrics.  She earned her medical degree at the University of Calgary, undertook her training in pediatrics at UBC/BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) and completed her pediatric immunology subspecialty training at the University of Washington in Seattle. In 1983, she began her career at UBC/BCCH as an Assistant Professor and over the next 35+ years, held a variety of roles in addition to her clinical practice: Department of Pediatrics Resident Training Program Director (1984-89); Senior Director for Medical Specialties at BCCH (1995-2010); Director for Clinical Research, BCCH Research Institute (2001-12); and Associate Head for Faculty Development in the Department of Pediatrics (2012-19).

During her term at the BCCH Research Institute she established the Clinical Research Support Unit and the Children & Women’s site Research Ethics Board and held a major role as Chair of the Quality Committee (2010-2016) in the development of the BC Clinical Research Infrastructure Network, now Clinical Trials BC, which now forms a part of Michael Smith Health Research BC.

In this last decade, she served as the Scientific Director of the national Maternal Infant Child & Youth Research Network which links the 3 largest maternal and all 17 pediatric academic health centers in Canada. She held a significant role in representing the child & maternal health research community at CIHR and Health Canada; in representing Canada internationally; and bringing experience to invited international working groups of the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health on research ethics and data management.

Dr. Paul G. Harrison

Paul Harrison, Vice-Principal (2022-2023), Member at Large (2021-2022), Member of Membership Committee (2021- ) and Finance Committee (2022-)

Paul Harrison joined the Department of Botany in 1975 and retired as Associate Professor Emeritus in 2019. A marine ecologist, his research focussed on the effects of habitat disruption on marine communities, specifically on seagrass beds which are important rearing and feeding habitats for commercially important crustacean and fish species. Research took him to Atlantic Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands and the Philippines as well as the Salish Sea. He taught marine ecology and introductory biology, the latter leading to a term  as Director of the First-year Biology Lab Program. His interest in student academic and personal development led him into roles as an undergraduate advisor for the Biology Program and the Faculty of Science and then Associate Dean, Students in Science from 1999 to 2017. He oversaw the growth of the Science Advising and Student Development units from a staff of two to a team of a dozen, making strong connections to other student-support units on campus and, for that work, was given the Margaret Fulton Award for Student Development. 

Paul has served on the Vancouver Senate for many years. Currently he serves as a “convocation senator” on the Academic Policy, Agenda, Nominating and Student Appeals on Academic Discipline committees as well as on the Elections committee of the (cross-campus) Council of Senates. Gardening, volunteering for his church, and staying in touch with distant children and grandchildren occupy much of his spare time.

Joost Blom

Joost Blom, Past Principal (2021-2022), Vice-Principal (2020-2021), Co-Chair Benefits Committee (2019-2022), and Council Member at Large (2019-2020).

Joost joined the Allard School of Law in 1972, served as Associate Dean 1982-85, and as Dean 1997-2003. His teaching subjects were Contracts, Torts, Conflict of Laws, and Intellectual Property. He became Professor Emeritus in 2017. He received the Faculty of Law Teaching Excellence Award 2005. He has been a Visiting Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School 1981, Part-time Lecturer at the University of Victoria 1979-81, Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Canadian Studies Centre at the University of Trier (Germany) 1996, and Senior Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Melbourne 2006. Joost’s research and writing have been concentrated in the areas of Contracts and Torts, focusing on the relationship between them; and in Conflict of Laws (Private International Law).

Joost served as President of the Canadian Association of Law Teachers 1983-84. He was elected by the lawyers in Vancouver District as a bencher of the Law Society of BC for four terms 2004-11 and became a Life Bencher as of 2012. He is currently Chair of the Mackenzie King Scholarship Board of Trustees (since 1986) and a Titular Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law. He has also been Chair of the Board of Trustees of the UBC Faculty Pension Plan 2004-20. He was awarded the designation of Queen's Counsel (for B.C.) in 1985.