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Is reading a solitary or a social act? If you enjoy talking about what you read, and think that the answer to this question is “both,” consider joining or starting an Emeritus College book group.

A dozen or so emeriti met regularly (via Zoom) over the winter of 2021-22, and found great pleasure in the lively conversations stimulated by an eclectic selection of books bearing in some way upon university life. So we explored the “Groves of Academe” together, made new friends, and broadened our understanding of ourselves, our lives, and our world. C.P. Snow, David Lodge, Kazuo Ishiguro, Kwame Appiah, Jane Smiley, and Dorothy Sayers inspired our discussions.

Our reading choices are made collectively, and we may focus on a different theme. Emeriti who think they would enjoy the simple but lasting joys that flow from informed, focussed discussion with thoughtful colleagues are encouraged to join us.

There is no reason why “Groves” should be the Emeritus College’s only book group, however. If you are interested in reading and talking about a particular theme (from gardening to war…) or particular genre (biography/ mystery/ science fiction…) do join the conversation. The possibilities are legion, and not only in foci; meetings might be more or less frequent, online or in-person (or both); discussions might be guided, seeded, or entirely open; etc.

If you are interested in participating in or leading a book group, or simply in being informed about what develops, please send a brief note indicating what appeals, to Graeme at:, with subject line: Books R Us.

UBC Library and Clocktower

UBC Library


You can find the upcoming meeting by clicking on the link and search for the category "reading group".