Sports Program


The UBC Emeriti/Seniors’ Sports Program focuses on modified small-sided games (e.g., walking soccer, walking basketball, and cricket 5s) and racquet sport opportunities (e.g., singles/doubles tennis, pickle ball, squash, badminton and table tennis). An integral part of the UBC Emeriti Seniors’ Sports Program will include post-activity coffee/tea/refreshment social. Programs will run May to September. 

The ethos of the fun and challenging UBC Emeriti/Seniors’ Sports Program aligns with UBCs Wellbeing Strategic Framework and its six priority areas —Physical Activity, Mental Health and Resilience, Built and Natural Environments, Collaborative Leadership, Food and Nutrition and Social Connection.  Caution: safety, ageing and sport - “Don’t play sport to get fit, get fit to play sport”.

Contact Harry Hubball at if you are interested to play any of the seniors’ sports activities (listed above) and he will coordinate a participant list, sports committee, and potential UBC (or local) venues. Partners/Spouses/Coed participants most welcome.

Harry is a Professor Emeritus from UBCs Faculty of Education where he was Chair of the International Program for the Scholarship of Educational Leadership. He also taught physical, health and outdoor teacher education, as well as related courses for the School of Human Kinetics in UBCs Faculty of Education. Harry is currently Director and Head Coach of the Inter UBC Masters Soccer Academy Program (including global, international, regional and UBC staff and 60+ small-sided football initiatives)


You can find the upcoming meeting by clicking on the link and search for the category "sports group".