Overview of Health and Travel Insurance Options

Retired UBC faculty and staff (as well as individuals working past age 71) have access to four different insurance plans that provide extended health care insurance and/or emergency medical travel insurance.
These plans are explained and compared in the UBC Emeritus College guide to insurance: Choosing Extended Health and Travel Insurance to Meet Your Specific Needs.

The four plans are:

  • the UBC/Sun Life plan (UBC RSB Extended Health Care plan [EHC])
  • the MEDOC plan (MEDOC Travel Insurance plan)
  • the Johnson plan (Johnson EHC and Prestige Travel plan)
  • the RTO plan (RTO/ERO EHC plan).  [This plan provides EHC and Travel insurance.]

(The official plan names used by UBC; Johnson, Inc.; and RTO are in parentheses.)

Each plan has its particular strengths and limitations.  It is important that you choose the plan or plans that best suit your individual needs and priorities. (Many individuals choose to have the UBC/Sun Life plan and another plan, since the plans complement and reinforce each other.)

It is important to remember that if upon retirement you fail to enroll in the UBC/Sun Life Extended Health Insurance for retirees, or decide at any time to cancel it, these decisions cannot be reversed at a later date.   

Retired UBC faculty and staff also have access to the Employee and Family Assistance Plan and to various Dental Insurance plans, but these plans are not discussed here or in the UBC Emeritus College Guide to Insurance. Information on the UBC Employee and Family Assistance Plan, and on the Dental plans offered by UBC/Sun Life, Johnson, and RTOERO, may be found on the websites listed in the section on "Contact Information".

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